jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

Yesteday, I bought  the "Wreck This Journal: To Create Is to Destroy" notebook by Keri Smith from Barnes &Noble, but I have to wait a bit for it to come. I should stop buying notebooks and scrapbooks, because I'm gonna ruin. But, well, things like that inspire me and I want to be a writer so, I like to think they are necessary. Plus, I'm going to take part in a writing competition and I need a lot of inspiration. I have to write a story 4-5 pages long about whatever I want or a poem and I think I'm gonna write both. I'm almost finished with the poem and I only have one page of the story. I would upload them here but, as I am Spanish, they're written in it. The deadline is april 23rd, so I'm sure I'll have time despite the exams and so. And that's what I should be doing right now... Studying :)

Here some pics I found of the journal I've just bought:

These are done by other people (all credit to them) but that's what this notebook is about.

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  1. don't care if it is written in spanish or english - i'll translate it :D. i'm curious about your story and poem. :D
    and good luck in the competition.
    i'm glad that my last comment cheered you up ; )